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What is Digital technology?

The world has changed over to using Digital equipment for every conceivable application especially in communication systems and we are gradually moving away from using paper and other hard copies and instead the email has become a legally accepted mode of exchanging secured documents.

Social interaction and learning processes are also engaging Digital technology. Digital technology is today an integral part of human behavior. Smart phones have taken Digital mobile technology to unprecedented heights and are very widely use worldwide.

What is Digital Capacity?

It is the process to employ the available Digital tools, the digital telephone, digital computer systems and use them to work for you, and building efficient and competitive digital systems to run parallel with the necessary requirements, to meet the set objectives of the organizations.

It also encompasses the human resource factor without which managing the available Digital environment would not be possible, especially where professionalism is at a very high bar out there.

Why build Digital Capacity?

It is only if you build the required quantum of Digital capacity that you could meet the requirements that you would encounter in the Digital environment that you are in. To keep pace with the technology that is developing around you at lightning pace you too would need to follow the steady flow.

How to build Digital Capacity?

Acquiring all the required Digital tools you could build the Digital Capacity that the environment that you are engaged in which you would ensure your competitiveness. Communication is one sector where Digital technology has stumped the rest because everything today is built around fast paced communication across the modern world.
check digital capacity building example: Movement vote

Employing Digital Capacity

Only by employing all the Digital tools at your disposal effectively that you could survive in the competitive Digital environment that we are pushed and to stake our claim in the industry we are in It may be a non-profit organization but still your survival would depend how fast you could communicate with others.

Who are non-profits?

Non-profits are those organizations that carry out endeavours to uplift humanity and society without seeking a profit. They use funds from different donors to meet a collective objective.

These non-profits carry out their services all across the world and they need to build their Digital capacity to optimum levels if they too are to survive in this competitive environment.

How do non-profits use Digital capacity?

Non-profits need to use Digital technology because the world around them is on digital mode and “not doing what the Romans do” would leave them behind.

They need to first build the Digital capacity by acquiring the tools, human resources, infra structure etc before they could call themselves Digitally self sufficient. For more information, that how to build online brand for non-profits contact Dipanwita Das.

Why is Digital capacity important to non-profits?

Non-profits too need to build their Digital Capacities to optimum levels if they are to survive in this Digital environment and this is a very important aspect especially as most of them have international connections.

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